About Hiatt's Canning

Hiatt’s Canning Company has been crafting and pickling the finest recipes in Winston-Salem for over 45 years.

It all began when Mabel Hiatt started stuffing peppers with cabbage in her kitchen to sell to local stores around Midway, NC. It did not take long for “Mrs. Hiatt’s” peppers to become a hit and required her to move into a larger building behind her garage. With the help of her family, Mabel began working on a recipe for “grapeleaf” pickles as well.

When the state began requiring certifications to continue to package foods, Mabel decided it was time to take a step back from canning. Instead, her son John and his wife, Sandra, quit their jobs and went to school to learn the requirements and start their own business. Just like that, Hiatt’s Canning Company was born!

Since then, Hiatt’s has continued to grow and add new products including pickled eggs, relishes and even salsa. We take pride in each recipe and choose only the best ingredients, prepping and packaging them all by hand, just like Mabel used to. Today, we offer over 30 different products that can be found across the North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee.

Give our products a try and enjoy a “taste of the country!”